Longarming Services

We love to help you finish your lovely quilt tops with our longarming services featuring our newest machine, an Innova 26" classic computerized machine. 

Thousands of Designs

Let us help you match your quilt top with the perfect complimentary design.


Save your Back

Save your back from the pain of bending over to baste your quilt. With our services you only need to provide the quilt top. 



We carry several wide backing fabrics, thread colors, and batting options for your convenience


Our Client's Quilts

Have us help you finish your quilt top

This purchase is a down payment on these services. We will email you directions on how to get us your quilt top and optional backing, batting, binding fabrics. Once we've received the quilt we will assess the actual charges and send you a finalized invoice minus this down payment. 

Estimated prices:

  • Edge to Edge:
    • .025/square inch
  • Custom: .055 and up/square inch
  • Backing fabric available upon request
  • Batting available upon request 
    • warm and white 
    • warm and natural
    • heirloom black
    • heirloom wool
  • FREE Thread
  • We can square the quilt after the quilting is done upon request
  • We offer binding services either by machine or by hand upon request 

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Longarming Services

$100.00 USD

Rebekah Kauffman

My grandmother started a quilt for me but she passed away before she could finish it. Rachel finished it for me and it is so beautiful and perfect. Could not be happier!